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My First Top 10 List. Omg I win?

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Welp this idea was in my head and I finally decided to put it to page. Top ten lists are nothing new. Heck my home server has many lists on whose the worst, or why no one should go there (Kalecgosians are negative unlike the dragon). But my list is...The Top Ten things that makes you a hardcore WoW nerd (tm?). Here I go:

10. Comparing station in life by old school pvp ranks (Blood Guard bitches!)

9. Describing the changes in personal wardrobe using the term 'tier sets'.

8. Trying to impress dates by showing off your character sheet full of epics (if you have a legendary equipped in there bonus props!)

7. Wearing gear you can't truly use cause it 'looks hawt'. (then again my Terrestrian Stranglestaff did look hawt...on my mage)

6. Getting any tats pertaining to WoW. Bonus if it's not a jail style tat a drunk man did on a pier.

5. Bloodsail Admirals. Nuff said.

4. Getting married in game. Negative points if you have in in game funeral (not due to the funeral itself, but to the tards that will inevitable crash and destroy it *See guild Serinity Now*).

3. Being a GM as well as noting that on rl jobs apps.

2. RPing in WoW. Nuff said.

1. Plsying the game from day one...that's like what 4 years? /bow

See even I can do a top ten. Enjoy?


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