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The Movie That Stood Still

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I holed up to go see 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' in the happy neighborhood IMAX in the VA Air and Space Museum (I'm holed up in Hampton why not). There was to be a Winter Parade right around 7 pm as well; very convenient after movie fun. Well sad thing is, that parade was oodles funner that the movie. See baton gals with twirling sticks of fire, kids, bands, cars (both classic and supped up) and free stuff vs. a boring 'hey I'm here to destroy you to save the Earth but am sorta hesitant about it' plot? Emm the parade wins lol. And before you say 'you gave away the plot!', realize that you could glean that from the commercials, that so hyped that burg up. Having the stereotypical big brother government types (mind you the gov't was rather uptight in the original but still...the 'shoot and ask questions later' type gov't is a bit over done) screwing with stuff was very yawn inducing. The big IMAX screen didn't help it either ;/ Then again IMAX couldn't save the terribad ending of the final Matrix flick either (yes IMAX is fun, but it can't do miracles). Definitely wait to rent.


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