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Merry Xmas/Yule/Insert 'The Holiday' here

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Merry Xmas all! And I leave yalls with a nice poem an allie guy from Kellogs left today (silly SI guys):

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the raid.
Arkas screamed like a madman
he needs to get laid.

The raiders were buffed
gems socketed with care,
DKP at the ready
for the loot that would be theirs.

The tanks were armored
from the toes to their heads,
Hoping the healers
would keep them from being deads.

Boomkins all fuzzy,
mages in their cloth cap,
the Hunters were all boasting
I think they're full of crap.

When out on Dragonblight
there arose such a clatter,
we leaned down from Naxxramas
to see what waas the matter.

The Horde were all coming
as far as the eye could see.
I heard someone behind
fill their pants with fresh pee.

Out front was a Troll
All decked out in red.
As soon as I saw him
I knew he wanted us dead.

But Arkas, tho drunk,
Stepped up to the plate,
and filled us with courage
anger and hate

"On Tanks, On Deepsers,
On healers and mages.
Let's give them an asskicking
that will ring through the ages."

"These stupid hordies
Think they'll get in our way.
But I tell you for certain
We're getting loot this day."

As dry leaves that before
the wild hurricane fly,
I saw the hordies look up,
with blood in their eye.

So up to Naxxramas
Summoning stone they flew.
We stood at the ready
to pound them into goo.

The fighting was epic,
Blood flowed out in rivers.
I still dream of that night.
It gives me the shivers.

The healing spells flew
we had DPS galore.
And I know I heard an orc
call my mom a dirty **#*%.

Since it was near Christmas
In keeping with the Yule.
We wrapped each one with ribbon.
And beat them like rented mules.

Everntually they gave up.
They res'd up and hearthed.
Except for one Blood Elf,
who stood there like a tard.

Our vent channel was cheering
We were pround of ourselves.
I especially liked beating
the Pally Blood Elves.

Arkas reminded us
it was time to get back to work.
Hey, he's the raid leader.
He wasn't being a jerk.

Into Naxx he zoned,
and gave out a whistle
We flew in to follow
Like the down of a thistle.

As we got in there
And set up in the hall
He said "Hey, good fight.
And phat lewtz to all."

Link to poem here


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