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A game that revels in the title 'Worst Game Evar'.

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Am I referring to Super Man 64? Or to those Zelda games on Sega CD? Was it that pixilated Atari 2600 mess involving General Custer and Native American chicks? Nay, it tis....aptly named 'Go Right, The Worst Game Ever' courtesy of the ATHF guys (from Adult Swim). It promises a free movie at the end; even lists a bunch of attacks thou half apparently just make sounds but do nothing. And all you see is flat land, an occasional rock, and a point tallier that never seems to end. Quite evil lol. I tend to enjoy time wasters but eheh no. Adult Swim, you win XD

And if yas REALLY wanna play this masterpiece in awful games go here:

or try the other random games those Williams Street guys offer at:


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