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FFX part duex(?)...or any other silly French wording

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Well my sis is at it again. Deciding to go save Yuna from those nomads in the Bikenel Desert and acting shocked that it was all crazy bad up in there. But she solidered on getting to that juicy bit that Yuna was to die at the end of her pilgrimage. Loling at Tidus' voice actor ensues. Then again she apparently hates Yuna and was like cheering at this point (Mind you she hates the long story scenes and loves to skip it all...evil I know). But the true fun was her panicking at the Wyven outside of Bevelle. I warned her it was out there...Earlier I put on the counter ability on her Auron and Rikku peoples. She barely won having solely Auron up countering the boss with 2k hits. Very epic win. Then she got sick and quit for the day. Lightweight :P


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