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DMC Anime Goodness! *insert fan girl squeals*

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Ah good times this game was. I recall ripping through this thing (well DMC 1) in the span of a whole day, shoot things up, kicking ass and taking names. I recall a game series of all style, a guy that's reminiscent of Dark Schneider but with tamer hair but all bad ass. Well there apparently was a sneak attack done by Capcom and Madhouse (and later FUNimation) and a friend of mine sent me his copy to watch. Boy was I not disappointed!
Over the top action sequences, bloody gore, snappy comments, and the feeling that 'yeah I'ma bad ass and I'ma gonna let you know in style': that's what the series let on. In keeping with the series you have rough and tumble Dante, with past friends (interests...the games left ya hanging) Trish and Lady, and introduce new characters and a sneaky sub-to-main plot throughout the 12 episodes. Full of eye candy the series delivers fun action without getting too full of itself. And hey if it did get to cocky, what your gonna do: tell a tall half Demon son of Sparta that info? I didn't think so.


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