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About Me.

I've been playing WoW since I think 2005-6. I currently am unable to ATM play my favorite game but plan to return once money and issues balance out (as life comes first). I made this blog as a way to be a bit nostalgic and to remind myself of why I love this game as well as to affirm the geekiness that is me. I'm such a liar. I still play...as a panda on teh Alliance.

Other than that crabbiness, I am a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ willing to try anything once (whether its sucks is up to question). I am a self avowed geek, that loves medieval and sci fi fantasy settings…with a good dose of anime, web comics, and fan fiction. As long as I have fun, make a little coin from it, and amuse others, I'm happy <3 In case the screen shots didn't give it away I ran around under Hotaruchan, of Kalecgos US-PVP server. After getting an extra copy of Vanilla World of Warcraft due to my bf?'s father giving him another without checking that his brother didn't also gift him a copy, I went and chose my server based on where all our mutual family and friends resided (and they all happened to mainly play Horde). Kalecgos was my home server and where Hota (and later others) was born. I did not intend to deal with a PvP server but have grown to love it through it's quirks and pratfalls. Pff new home is on Norgannon-PVE playing a Pandaren!Mage. Figure if I'm gunna start over, I'm start over fully. Not that I don't play Horde. I also has a cute Troll Druid named Clawella on Senjin-PVE.

I chose a mage due to not liking melee classes, not liking tanking, being put off (at the time) to healing, and the seemingly ease of the mage class. C'mon:

  • Ports everywhere
  • Sheeping
  • Only real role/job is High DPS
  • With a splash of kiting

Win win!

I choose a Troll due to the choice of either a Troll or Undead (Classic WoW). And so I made my Troll the cutest hawtest Trolless ever. So much so I doubt I would've rolled a Blood Elf if I had the option. My Troll mage has been there, done that, so much so that Hotaruchan is a brand onto her self. Mind you I have eventually (after 1 year of exclusively having Hota) branched out to other classes and play styles, but my 1st and only true love is my mage. Troll powa!

*Moar additions* I has a Pandaren and others but Trolls are still my no. 1 fave race in WoW.

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