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The Perfect Shoes for an Onery Troll

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As most know, Troll feet are huge. Some love them, some really love them, some even hate them, but most can't say that Troll feet are in any way dainty. But, defying the stereotype that all Trolls are smoke infused hippies, Hera (ie the middle child mage) was having none of that. So, she went and found some honestly well fitting flip flops at wholesale prices at the Halfhill Market. Those farmers sell more than just food, ya know. That and Hera realized early on that the Pandaren understood her plight - they have just as large feet.


I realized...my armories were OLD.

This whole time I like never updated them in like years. Oops. Like all the old links were for toons I don't even play anymore. So I fixed it up all nicey nice.

My Armories

I've been a busy bee redoing my WoW street cred :P (two years and bam! back in the saddle)


Sometimes you need to tune out people.

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See, when I'd raid, a certain someone would love to come up behind me and say the dumbest things. Usually random, funny but ultimately distracting. See, I am also easily distracted - hence my slow updates lawl! A small noise will make me momentarily forget my rotation, or that multicolored fire I was deftly avoiding and now not.


Translating for Fun in Azeroth

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As a multilingual speaker (Troll and Orcish among other languages), Hota already was used to having to translate things for friends who weren't well versed in Troll. Not that Trollish was a hard language. Okay, she was raised knowing it but it wasn't as complicated as say ancient Gurubashi. Those brudahs accents were thick so thick that you had to restrain the urge to spit take while talking!

It probably helped that in her line of work slaying (internet) dragons for hire, she met new faces and simply had to adapt. In doing so, she picked up a few new languages in her travels. Now that work was drying up, the Troll thought it smart to pick up some extra work on the side. Hota noted an ad for a translation agency on Org's job posting board and lept at the chance.

Besides, she was tired of so many dirty jobs. A comfy desk job seemed right up her alley. So she put away her raid gear, dusted off her resume, and wore her most freshly pressed finery to not only impress but knock the socks of the interviewers. Extra work would do her good and help her brush up her skills linguistically.


Customizable Bags

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Oh, I've always wanted to get myself custom cinch bags. They just look so cue, yet not annoyingly fancy and well dos its job well. I mean, I'm the kind of person that uses messenger bags over a handbag any day. I like things for the function (their form not so high on my list of needs).

But these can be customized.


Also you bet I did that 90 boost.


My third 90...and it had to be an op class.