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Happy Together (RECUT Warlords of Draenor Animation)


What a Productive Week - 2 Weeks Till WoD!

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Guess what I did this week?

  • Get to ilvl 578 on le main
  • Get rogue started on the Legendary dagger quest
  • Beat up Yogg 0+ (but died to 25H LK)
  • Roll with the guild and clear up to M Spoils in one night
  • Leavel my 86th? pet to 25

Looking Cute, Feeling Cute*

*Helps I feel super prepared for WoD:
Got some herlooms
Have an okay amount of gold
Most of the achieves I want are done

To Do List before WoD:
Finish up Loremaster
Finish up Bloodsail Rep
Get 1,2, or 3rd in fishing tourney :(
Get exalted with AV


A Funny Name for Guitar Equipment

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Dunlop Fuzz Face. Now, what is -that- you ask? Well, it's a guitar effect pedal. You know how electric guitars make those cool wah wah sounds all the time? It's not because the thing is being swung around crazily. It's the small under foot pedal that people use while playing. Now, why it is called a Fuzz Face I have no idea. Someone clearly had a sense of humor though to name it that!


Still Alive and Kicking.

I blame the pre expac lull for my laziness.

Well, that and I've been uh 'hunting':


There is a such thing as 'No Deposit' Casinos

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I have heard of online betting and casinos many times before. You tend to play with real life people around the world with virtual currency that you can cash out for real money. They seemed harmless until a crackdown by the US government on US bidders happened a few years ago. Seems betting on not regulated websites for real money to be lost was bad.

But newer casinos have started using a no deposit bonus to bring in more bidders while staying in the green with US agencies. See, unlike a traditional casino, these types don't simply give you a small wad of cash ans say 'go!' or a pile of virtual currency to dabble with (or even have you in some half backed spectator mode) - they let you play with actual money they provide for free. As in you don't have to fork over your own money. This is a great option for players like me who would rather get a feel for a place first before spending a red cent.


Dancing and Vacationing

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I am not the best of dancers. But here I am, getting ballroom dance lessons from here. Like actual, bonifide dancing skills are being learnt and not the MTV kind. So, I learned that so far ballroom dancing has 4 levels, all that teach the art of ballroom dance.